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In the Périgord, it is said that each season has its specific flavor.

The markets invite you to explore our villages and Périgord gastronomy.

Local producers offer the fruit of their labor and agricultural traditions. strawberries, foie gras, chestnuts, porcini mushrooms, invade the stalls according to the seasons. They are gourmet 's favourite places and the best way for informed consumers to find local products. From December to February, the Truffle markets (depending on the harvest) and the fat markets take place.

The Périgord markets

  • Monday : Les Eyzies de Tayac Sireuil (April to October) and Beynac (mid-June to mid-September)

  • Tuesday : Cénac, Le Bugue and Salignac (from April to September)

  • Wednesday : Montignac, Siorac, Hautefort, Sainte-Nathalène, Sarlat and Carlux (in July and August)

  • Thursday : Domme, Meyrals (06/26 to 09/04), Monpazier, St Julien de Lampon and Terrasson

  • Friday : La Roque Gageac (May to September)

  • Saturday : Belvès, Le Bugue, Montignac, Sarlat and Villefranche-du-Périgord

  • Sunday : Marquay (June to September), Rouffignac Saint Cernin de Reilhac, Calviac (late June to late August), Daglan, Carsac (mid-June to mid-September), St-Cyprien and St-Geniès


Traditional markets

Night markets


In summer, the farmers' markets invite you to meet farmers, breeders and artisans. The sale is always accompanied by tasting and sometimes even a festive evening on the village square and during which everyone composes their meal with the producers.

In July and August:

  • Monday evening at Montignac and Château Les Milandes (end of June to beginning of Sept)

  • Tuesday evening at Bugue, Saint Amand de Coly, Bouzic, Le Coux and Villefranche du Perigord

  • Wednesday evening in Aubas, Rouffignac St Cernin, St Geniès and Belvès (end of June to beginning of September)

  • Thursday evening in Auriac du Périgord, St Léon sur Vézère, Hautefort and St Cyprien

  • Friday evening in Valojoux, Les Eyzies, Salignac and Le Buisson (end of June to beginning of September)

  • Saturday evening at Audrix and St Pompon (end of June to beginning of September)


Truffle & Fat markets

Truffle Markets

In winter, during the harvest season, the Truffle markets are lively events that allow you to get hold of this wonderful mushroom or simply to taste a lively atmosphere.

They are organized from December to January depending on the harvest:

  • In Saint Alvère on Monday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • In Thenon on Tuesday morning

  • In Terrasson on Thursday morning

  • In Sarlat on Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Gras markets

It is in winter, between December and February, that geese and ducks are slaughtered for the production of foie gras. Find, then, fresh livers and make your own foie gras on the markets:

  • In Sarlat, place Boissarie, near the covered market

  • In Thenon on Tuesday morning

  • In Terrasson on Thursday morning

Ceps and chestnuts markets

They are organized during the harvest period in Villefranche-du-Périgord.

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